Community Outreach at FanX Comic Con at Salt Lake City, Utah a great success

Good will ambassador Tony Todd, Yvonne Wan Sole Creator of Focus, Douglas Hebert main artist and internship coach

Focus Comic had a successful community outreach event at FanX comic con at Salt Lake City, Utah where the creator Yvonne Wan; main artist Douglas Hebert and Good will ambassador Tony Todd engaged with the public and provided free art workshops for kids and young adults. The purpose of our visit was to promote Focus comic which features an autistic super hero, art by professional artists, and interns with autism. Focus comic is part of a social cause project that gives hope to autistic kids and families by promoting a culture of inclusion; having community outreach events across the country, helping autistic kids fulfill their creative potential and get their art work published.

We had a successful panel where Tony Todd presented Focus to the public with Yvonne Wan and Douglas Hebert contributing to the panel discussion.

It is available to watch on You Tube and Amazon Prime International TV.

Utah marks our 7th State in terms of community outreach. We are hoping to have community outreach events in all 50 states with the help of the general public and organizations who support autism awareness and acceptance.

Check out the following FanX highlights film produced by Film Ethnographer LLC.

Click Play to view the highlights film produced by Film Ethnographer LLC

Attending FanX comic con were celebrities including Tony Todd, Jess Harnell, Aimee Garcia, Seth Gilliam, Mark Pellgrino, Rob Wiethoff, Roger Clark, Garrett Wang, Adelaide Kane, Irene Bedard and Austin St John – all of which showed support towards the Focus comic project by accepting interviews regarding the project and cause: Celebrity interviews regarding Focus

Here are two celebrity interviews that we would like to highlight in particular.

Thank you Rob Wiethoff who plays John Marsdon of Red dead redemption 2 for supporting Focus Comic and autism awareness at Fanx. Focus comic features an autistic super hero, art by professional artists, and interns with autism.

Rob has two children with autism. His message is “Everyone deserve two things, that is love and acceptance. Please do your part to include everyone, try to do your best to learn to make people comfortable”.

Thank you Rob for his sincere interview and for inspiring us to build a stronger community.

Thank you Roger Clark who plays Arthur Morgan of Red dead redemption 2 for supporting Focus Comic and autism awareness at Fanx.

Autism affects more people than you may realize, including friends, families and neighbors – people we love and care about. Did you know both Rob Wiethoff and Roger Clark of Red Dead Redemption 2 have kids on the spectrum? Many thanks to Roger Clark for sharing how much he loves his son and explaining why a culture of inclusion is important.

Focus comic champions people of all abilities

Thank you to everyone who came to our Focus booth to share their voice regarding their fandoms and why they think autism awareness is important. Please click here to watch 17 community outreach interviews with the general public, produced by social cultural anthropologist and film ethnographer Yvonne Wan.

Here is one community outreach interview that we would like to highlight:

We would also like to thank Black Panther Writer Jonathan Maberry for accepting an interview about Focus comic and autism awareness.

The Black Panther writer believes Focus will transform this generation of kids and adults on a global scale:

Comics have always a great way to reach people. They have always reached people who felt alone. This comics deal with an autistic super hero. What a brilliant idea to empower and to show that the validity of every persons life, strength within them, and the fact they can reach out and do anything they want in life. It is marvelous. These stories allow us to understand and to open our minds, and as a result, open our hearts. It’s a fantastic idea. I am fully behind this thing. It is so great it is going to do for this generation, what the introduction of T’Challa did for not only African American Children and black kids around the world, but kids like me who were enchained because of the way we were taught. This book unlocks chains, it opens minds, it opens hearts. You really need to grab this.”

We also thank Black Panther artist Sal Velluto for accepting an interview to.

Focus comic panel, where the community coloring competition winners are presented their prizes.

We are excited to share our Focus Comic community coloring competition highlights film with you. Congratulations to our competition winners Bianca and Maximus.

Thank you to those who participated in the community coloring competition. We also like to thank Blick for providing community prizes. Check out this article that Yvonne Wan, creator of Focus wrote as an social cultural anthropologist about the benefits of supporting the arts and how it enriches the lives of individuals, families and communities especially those on the autism spectrum:

Thank you to the press and news stations that came by the interview us. Click here to watch/read the press/media coverage that we received in Salt Lake City.

Thank you FanX for supporting us by providing us a platform to reach a massive audience in raising autism awareness in Salt Lake City. The people of Salt Lake city were incredibly supportive of the project and cause and we are motivated to keep going with our humanitarian efforts to maintain dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated with autism.

Lastly we would like to finish off with a fun film that Yvonne made of Tony Todd at the Focus booth. Comic cons are a lot of fun, and a great way to connect with people and build stronger bonds as a community. If you have never been to a comic con, we highly recommend you give it a try!

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