ABC15 News honors Douglas Hebert with a Hero Award for his contribution to society through the Focus Comic Project

Thank you ABC15 News for honoring Douglas Hebert with a hero award for his contribution to society through the Focus comic project. Douglas Hebert is a certified art teacher and is the main artist for Focus comic, and is responsible for coaching the Focus comic interns to help them fulfill their creative potential. Doug is also the head art teacher for the Focus comic summer camp which is free for kids and young adults with autism.

Check out the news report here:

“I would like to thank ABC15 and Valley Toyota Dealers for the recognition and support in raising autism awareness.” Douglas Hebert

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Focus Comic Art Summer Camp. Free for autistic kids and young adults – Week 5

We are 5 weeks into our Focus comic free summer camp for kids and young adults with autism. This week, we had fun teaching the kids how to create super hero clay masks to help them feel empowered. We taught them manual ways of creating thin slabs of clay, as well as using the slab roller machine. The kids also learned how to use the mask molds to create a basic form for their masks. They also learned how to sculpt the masks using different tools and techniques. Next week, the students will learn how to continue sculpting their masks, and some will go on to painting them; depending on their individual pace of work.

Here is the highlights film for week 5:

Here is an interview with Tamarah about what she thinks of our Focus comic summer camp at Desert Dragon Pottery art studio:

Here is an interview with one of our students with autism regarding his thoughts on the Focus comic summer camp and whether he thinks autism is a strength or weakness:

Here is an interview with our student Jett, about his favorite super heroes and what they represent. The interview shows how comics influence the world view, hopes and dreams and values of kids at a young age:

Here are some films of our students having fun and learning how to use the slab roller machine:

Here are a few photos from the class. We are proud to help the kids meet new friends and also create some great childhood memories with their family members.

If you are interested in joining one of our free art classes for autistic kids and young adults, please subscribe to our blog for updates, and check our website regularly for new class dates. We will be having classes every weekend, unless we are having a community outreach event the same week.

Teachers: Douglas Hebert, Yvonne Wan of Focus comic. Assisting: Mishy Katz and Lauren.

Firing: Desert Dragon Pottery

Clay provided by Marjons and Laguna Clay.

Photography and Filming: Yvonne Wan of Focus comic ( Film Ethnographer LLC )

Thank you Desert Dragon Pottery for providing the space for Focus comic to teach.

Focus comic celebrates the release of their French issue at Samurai Comics

Focus comic had a successful community outreach event at Samurai comics in Phoenix on July 23rd 2019 as they celebrated the release of the French issue of Focus comic. Samurai Comics is the first store in the world to carry the French issue of Focus. The issue features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, as well as art by one of the worlds first non verbal autistic artists Zoe Marie. She is only seven years old and loves to draw.

New retail partner in Michigan

Thank you Comics and More in Madison’s Heights, Michigan for carrying our title Focus comic in support of autism awareness and acceptance.

Yvonne Wan and Douglas Hebert had a fun community outreach event at the store. If you live near the area please drop by to grab your copy of Focus comic which features art by a community of artists including interns with autism.

Interview on Representation and Inclusion with Chris Brown

Check out this interview with Chris Brown of Comics and More, Madison heights in Michigan regarding representation and inclusion. Interview filmed by Yvonne Wan (The Creator of Focus comic).

Chris talks about the importance of representation, the significance of representing autistic people within comics, and also including autistic talent within society. He also talks about the value in including autistic individuals in the work force, and how autistic individuals can contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Please visit Comics and more if you live near Madison heights in Michigan. They carry Focus comic on their shelves, and they employ autistic talent within their store. They also have a large collection of comics and toys and awesome people working there.

Focus comic advocates for autism awareness, acceptance and a culture of inclusion.

Support Focus comic. Support autistic people. Support autism awareness and acceptance.

Focus comic to attend Fan X comic con in Salt Lake City and have a panel

Focus comic will have a booth at Fan x comic convention between 5-7 September! We will also have a panel to! Join us in Salt Lake City to learn about our latest social initiative developments, grab a copy of our English and French issue of Focus, check out our original art and enter our free community coloring competition for a chance to win cool prizes! 

Focus Comic publishes one of the worlds first non verbal autistic comic book artist & she’s only 7 years old!

We have ground breaking news! We published one of the world’s first non verbal autistic comic book artist and she is only seven years old! Check out the unboxing film for the Focus comic French main issue, and variant cover by Zoe Marie. Yvonne Wan, the creator of Focus; and Douglas Hebert the main artist and internship coach for Focus was excited to unbox the freshly printed comics in French. The book features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by a community of artists, and interns with autism. Zoe contributed to the community page and also had a variant cover printed to showcase autistic talent. The book comprises of a main story and a community page. We champion kids with autism and disabilities.

The international comic book is now available to buy in two languages – English and French. Lettering the Chinese issue will be Yvonne’s next priority as well as continuing to maintain dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated with autism globally.

Above is a picture of Yvonne and Doug communicating with Zoe and her mother on web cam.

Here is the main cover by Douglas Hebert and legendary Paul Mounts who is known for working on Spider-man. Thank you Paul Mounts for his continued support in promoting autism awareness and acceptance. Thank you Yvonne and Doug for continuing to promote community through their social work. Thank you to all our contributors and supporters.

Here is the main cover by Zoe Marie and legendary Paul Mounts. Paul Mounts fulfilled Zoe’s dream by bringing her art work alive with his amazing talents in coloring.

Both Books are now available to purchase through our website.

And here’s another picture of Zoe looking super happy to be surrounded by people who love and care for her and others like her.

The French website will be up very soon. In the mean time, please let people know about the great social work we are doing to make a big difference in this world.

Anything is possible with perseverance, dedication and support from the community.

Please support Focus Comic. Please support autistic individuals. Please support autism awareness and acceptance.

Focus Comic Art Summer Camp. Free for autistic kids and young adults – Week 4

Here is a highlights film and pictures from week 4 of our Focus Comic summer camp which is free for kids and young adults with autism.

Check out this interview with the Andersons, with regards to why the summer camp for autistic kids are important for them

Visit to view the completed art.

Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art  by professionals including interns with autism. We maintain dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated with autism. We also promote autistic talent by having an internship program for kids including those with autism. We promote community through our social work and free summer camps.

Douglas Hebert was the Head art teacher for a large class of students in Phoenix. Yvonne Wan and Mishy Katz were also art teachers who were delighted to help the kids fulfill their creative potential.

The kids have so far been taught how to create dragons, super heroes and monsters and using clay.

Focus empowers kids to follow their dreams and see autism as a strength and not a weakness. Support #focuscomic . Support autistic individuals. Support autism awareness and acceptance.

Please view our Focus Comic Facebook page to see all the pictures.

Below are just 4 of the many pictures that we took during the Focus comic summer camp.

Thank you to Laguna ClayMarjons for providing the clay for this weeks class. Thank you Desert Dragon Pottery for providing the space for Focus comic to teach, and for firing the projects and providing the paints. Thank you Film Ethnographer for organizing the class, providing complimentary film and photography for the families and art pieces and also teaching to. Thank you Doug for being the head art teacher for these kids and young adults. Thank you ParkView Dentistry and Blick for giving our students goodie bags to take home this week.

New Retail Partner with Kinokuniya Book Store in Seattle

Thank you Kinokuniya Book Store for supporting Focus comic and autism awareness in Seattle. We appreciate your support.

If you live in Seattle, feel free to check out their store and grab a copy of Focus if you happen to be near by.

They are located at 525 South Weller Street. Seattle WA 98104.

Yvonne and Doug really loved buying art supplies there (the special Japanese imported goods especially), and we really dig the Totoro section to!

Community Outreach at Ace Comic Con Seattle a great success

Focus Comic had a successful community outreach event at Ace Comic Con Seattle where the creator Yvonne Wan; and main artist Douglas Hebert met the general public and provided free art workshops for kids and young adults.

Thank you Ace Comic Con for consistently supporting us by providing us a platform to reach a massive audience in raising autism awareness.

We enjoyed engaging with the public about autism awareness and acceptance; and also encouraging kids to fulfill their creative potential.

The book was appreciated by locals and they loved the community coloring competition also.

Visit to view the winning submissions.

Here are pictures of the coloring competition winners. Thanks to everyone who participated in the coloring competition, and thank you to the following companies for giving back to the community by donating prizes:

We also give a special thanks to Ace comic con for supporting Focus comic.

Above is a highlights film made by Yvonne, showing participants and the winners of the community coloring competition. Photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Here are some community outreach interviews that Yvonne managed to film at Ace comic con. Please view her You Tube channel for a comprehensive list of films and interviews that Yvonne filmed in support of community.

We give special thanks to Embassy Suites Pioneer Square for the outstanding hospitality they provided us. They looked after all our needs whilst we were in town to do valuable community work for the people in Seattle.

Here is a picture of Doug working on a blank variant sketch of Transformers at the Embassy suite.

We also give special thanks to the Museum of Pop Culture for giving us complimentary passes. As a social cultural anthropologist – Yvonne highly recommends this experience for all. It is a great inspirational experience. Yvonne and Doug loved the horror exhibit the most.

If you have not yet purchased a copy of Focus, please order Focus through this website or through one of our retail partner stores today.