BAM! A comic exhibition

I have been selected as a featured artist at the BAM! Comic exhibition in Goodyear. Hosted by Goodyear Arts and Culture. The exhibition starts today until October 15. Feel free to check out the exhibit.

Focus Comic Community outreach event at Justice comics Featured on Fox 10 Phoenix

Creator Yvonne Wan, Main Artist Douglas Hebert on Fox News promoting Focus comic and autism acceptance.

Thank you Fox 10 Phoenix for doing a special feature on Focus Comic’s community outreach event at Justice Comics Store. Yvonne Wan, Douglas Hebert and Matthew Goebel (our 11 year old autistic trading card intern) had fun meeting TV presenter Cory McCloskey and camera king Mike Robison. Young Matthew felt very encouraged by the positive attention that he received. Check out the 3 film segments on the Fox news website where you get to see all the fun stuff that happened on air! Thanks Syleste Rodriguez Fox 10, Renee Nelson & Jessica Roose for the support also!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to support us. Many thanks to kid who brought their art portfolios to the event for Yvonne Wan and Douglas Hebert to review for free. They were very impressed with the local talent.

Check out the community outreach interviews that Yvonne Wan filmed at the event at . Young Matthew feels very loved and will remember his trading card signing event for the rest of his life through his memories and these films.

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Focus comic free art camp week 73

Focus Comic free art camp for special needs kids.

Focus Comic free art camp for special needs kids. Week 73. This week, we continued our exploration into human emotions through comic art. Today we explored the feeling of surprise. We also learned about symmetry. 

Here is today’s highlights film of the class

Many thanks to Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan, for creating the lesson plans, filming and editing the video assets and leading the free zoom classes.

What you will need for the class:
A4 paper
Pencil & Black Marker
Coloring pencils and Ruler.
Class duration: 40-60 minutes depending on the child’s abilities.

Check our the art tutorial here:

Check out our students art. They are all unique. We are proud to champion special needs talent through our art program.

Focus Comic International Book Launch Event

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Matthew Goebel’s book signing event at Samurai Comics. Matthew is Focus comic’s 11 year old autistic intern. Matthew was proud to see his art work published on his own variant cover. Matthew felt really excited to share his talent with the community. Please support his art by getting a copy of his variant cover book or trading cards.

Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by professionals, plus autistic interns. There is a story featuring professional art, plus a community section for young autistic interns.

Synopsis of comic:

This action adventure hero comic book is based in Arizona, USA and The Forbidden City in China. Focus, one of the world’s first autistic superheroes joins the Secret Lineage, an affiliate superhero team. Together, they save the world from total destruction from evil zombies and spirits during the Hungry Ghost Festival in China. The story explores Chinese mythology, including the Nine sons of the Dragon and the Nine-dragon wall which is a spirit wall in the Imperial Palace In China. See the superheroes and the Terracotta Army Spirits in full action in this book as we get to meet Focus for the first time in this first edition book!

We are excited to announce that Focus comic is now available in English, French, Chinese and German. The German issue is the latest translation available in print format. The digital format will be available soon.

We recommend you buy both the English and German language issue together so you can appreciate the artwork and story.

Here are the latest German covers. The main cover is by Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan. The variant covers are by our autistic interns Hunter Campos, Emmett Sturtz and Matthew Goebel.

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Focus Comic Cover art by Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan

I am proud to reveal the main cover for Focus comic, German edition. Available in both print and digital format. Featuring art by Yvonne Wan and Douglas Hebert.

Please order your copy at

Focus features one of the worlds first autistic superheroes, art by Marvel and DC comics talent plus autistic interns.