Cirdans internship experience

We are proud to announce that Cirdan Mater has joined our Focus comic team as a trading card intern artist. Cirdan is 16 and loves to draw. Check out this film which shows his experience of becoming our Focus comic trading card intern. His smile is contagious 

Elias internship experience

We are proud to share Elias Kal-El Gregoire’s experience of joining our Focus Comic team as our recent trading card intern with autism. Elias is 14 years old and loves Focus comic, Mario and Sonic. We started teaching him last year at our art camp and was delighted to see him apply for this internship role. Thank you Candi Gregoire for being such a wonderful mum by supporting him with the arts by sharing your love for creativity with him. Please support Autistic talent by ordering his trading card at $10 will get you a set of 4 random cards including one by Elias. You may also order his autograph for $5 extra which will go towards his pocket money allowance. Support autistic talent today!

New intern with autism

We are proud to announce that Eli Gregoire has joined our Focus comic team as our latest trading card intern with autism. Eli is 14 years old and loves Focus Comic and Sonic the hedgehog. We started teaching him last year at our art camp and was delighted to see him apply for this internship role.

Eli has a natural talent for drawing. We are excited to have the opportunity to develop his skills and help him get his art published in the form of a trading card. Eli will learn how to draw Focus the autistic super hero and he will also learn how to draw portraits to.

His trading card internship class started yesterday via zoom with our Focus comic head art teacher Douglas Hebert leading, and creator Yvonne Wan teaching to.

We believe it is important to champion kids with special needs within the community. Please support us in any way you can.

Focus comic is available to purchase through our website or retail partners.

We are also currently running a charity fundraiser in partnership with with the objective of bringing 300 smiles to 300 special needs kids.

Zoom class, Douglas Hebert, Yvonne Wan and Eli

Focus comic free online art tutorials

We are pleased to announce that Focus comic will be offering free online art tutorials for kids on how to draw portraits. Classes will be taught by certified art teacher Douglas Hebert, with Yvonne Wan handling the filming, editing and distribution. The art tutorials are available for three different age groups, 6 -9, 9-10, 10-13 year olds. The classes are for beginners, learning how to draw using basic shapes and building the art from there. We will be uploading more free art tutorials soon. If you like what we are doing, then please support us in any way you can. We will go beyond the online portrait series if there is demand and support for it. Check out the free art tutorials at and subscribe to the newsletter for updates. Art shown in this creative is drawn by Yvonne Wan and Colored by Paul Mounts.

Focus comic trading card internship program

Focus Comic are proud to be championing kids with disabilities. Focus features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by Marvel and DC comics professionals plus interns with autism. 

We are now accepting applications for new trading card interns. The trading card internship is different from the Comic internship program.

The trading card internship program is designed for beginners. Suitable for kids who love to draw, and are between the ages of 5-14. Remote teaching is available online and via zoom for our interns. Our trading card interns will have their art featured on limited edition Focus Comic trading cards, so they can showcase their skills to the world and feel proud of their accomplishments.

The internship program is open to international candidates to apply. Teaching will reflect the needs of our students based on skills, abilities and availability. 

A parent or guardian will need to complete the application form on behalf of the student. If you are interested in learning more about the program and applying, please email our Focus creator Yvonne Wan at [email protected] and request an application form.